Tamping problem using BH tamp

Keep getting a gap between the basket walls and the puck using my black BH tamp in 15g VST baskets with a 15g dose.

It’s not caused by vacuuming and I’m unsure how to solve this issue? I know it’s present though because I will tip the portafilter and it’ll fall out.

Also to note I use bottomless basket group handles.


Don’t tip the portafilter

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Sure. Though if the puck has a gap around the sides it will always channel. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s busy and there’s multiple orders of milk beverages one or two slipping through is acceptable in my eyes. Not for espresso though. This is a reoccurring problem and I’m wondering why it occurs with a tamp I specifically bought to avoid this issue.

Do you spin or turn the tamper? Do you tap the side of the portafilter? Do the baskets have ridges? Is your tamp even? Why have you ruled out vacuuming as a possibility? Also how is your grinder distribution into the portafilter?