Updosing VS Grinding Finer

Hi Barista Hustle,

I’m a home barista enthusiast, and was contemplating the differences between updosing vs grinding finer.

For discussion sake, assume the reference dose is 18g.

Can anyone detail the scenarios when one would updose (eg to 20g) vs grind finer?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



Updosing whilst keeping the yield the same will increase strength and body, but will decrease your extraction and make your shots taste more acidic/sour.

Grinding finer will increase the run time, which will make your shots more extracted which will increase the sweetness/bitterness of the shot, and will also slightly increase the body.

Grinding finer is always the better option as it’s good practice to keep your dose locked at one weight for consistencies sake, try playing around with your yield to change the extraction/body of your espressos, there’s some good reading material on this on the archives section of barista hustle!

hope this helps,



This is exactly what I was after! Thanks nico!