Question about Espresso Compass

Hi, I’ve posted a question Here but look like it’s a old topic, if someone can help me on this question is : i want to see where the fact to grind finer or coarser will be placed on you Compass, it will be grind coarser on “Improve extraction &/or extract more” and grind finer on the opposite side ?

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I’m not really sure what your question is, but you might want to look at this video for some ideas. I’ve watched it several times to help me out…

So grinding courser will mean less extraction for all other variables fixed, and grinding finer will increase extraction. However to my understanding this post is assuming you keep all the recipe variables constant (i.e grind size, weight in, weight out, time, and temp of water). So the variable “extract more” doesn’t mean extract more in the sense of pulling the shot longer (or grinding finer), it means extract more evenly (i.e extract the same amount from each particle) by having an even grind size and even tamp etc.

As it says in the post: “increasing extraction can only really be done in conjunction with improving its evenness. Grinding finer and finer does not result in a continuous increase in extraction, and it certainly doesn’t always result in more deliciousness. A lot of the time it results in the exact opposite” with a link to this post

Anyway I hope this helps, if you have any other question I’m happy to help :slight_smile:

Look like you confirm i was wrong, someone replied to my question on the Espresso Compass page too.

Thank’s !

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