What roasting software does your business use?

I will be installing a roaster in the next couple of months and am looking into roasting software. I have read about a few different programs and it seems Cropster is a favorite. However, this will be a small-production and I don’t want to pay for Cropster just yet.

So, what (free) roasting software does your company use and give details, please!


There’s a lot of this in the home barista forums. I believe there’s one called Artisan?

@MattPerger Artisan is the one I use! @Jarrett You can check out Typica and RoastLogger as well. Free programs means you have to figure stuff out yourself. Read the manuals. Good luck!

Artisan is pretty powerful and flexible, but requires you to make it work. Cropster pretty much works right out of the box. And they have special pricing for roasters just getting started. But if you don’t mind tinkering, Artisan is pretty neat.

Artisan is the way to go if you want / need freeware software. You even have support from the developer. Check the artisan github account to check if your datalogger is fully compatible (very likely).

+1 For Artisan. We’re a small organic coffee roasting business using a Diedrich IR-5 with automation. With simple USB cable from the roaster (set up with 4 thermo-probes) to my Mac, you can reproduce the roasting profile on your own computer, suitable for printing, etc. The Artisan visual graph of the declining ROR is beneficial if we want to follow Rao’s philosophy.