Which combination of shower screen, basket and tamp work well?

Hi All,

I’m considering 20g ridgeless baskets by VST for my La Marzocco Linea classic, along with IMS shower screens. i’m wondering what tamp size will work best with this combo.

I’d appreciate thoughts on this combo and any experiences with this. I’m open on tamp selection.

Many thanks


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hi Paul,

sounds like an awesome set-up! what are you using as a grinder? in terms of tampers, there are lots of excellent tampers out there to suit a 58.4 mm VST basket. personally though, I would recommend the VST tamper to be used with VST baskets (just makes sense, no…?). I think they’re only available on the VST website so if you want to head there to check them out, it might be a good place to start… they have a height adjustable handle (so do others) and they come with a free basket.

remember, the ‘fit’ in the basket is much more important that the weight. I’m nearly certain that there’s some posts on this exact topic on BH around the time the BH tamper was being developed.

are you thinking about a distribution tool as well…? :joy: #coffeejoke #peoplehaveopinions


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Thanks for your response.

I’m using a Mythos 1 grinder.

I agree about the fit in the VST basket, it’s key. I’m reading very different experiences with people using 58.4-58.55mm. Makes the decision harder.

The dury is still out on distribution tools. I’m monitoring the debate.



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I use IMS screens in La Marzocco GB5 with ridged VST bakets. all sizes, 15-25g. The Pullman VST tamper works very well, but has the vacuum effect when pulling out of the basket too quickly. which can get frustrating during a rush.
The Barista Hustle tamper fits just as well and eliminates the vacuum effect, and also has a better feel to it. I like the weight to the black handle more than the white handle. But I still prefer even the white Barista Hustle to the Pullman VST.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your input.

I grabbed a white Barista Hustle tamper when they first came out and have just purchased 20g ridgeless VST baskets. i’m looking forward to trying this combo.

Just dont buy the coated ims screens, it always flakes off. Stick to the regular ones, they work great.

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In my experience the BH tamp has really been the only tamp that actually fits perfectly flush in the VST baskets, even the VST tamp left a small space around the outer edge.

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Hi Becca,

Thanks for your input.

I have a BH tamp in white and will be trying it with 20g ridgeless VST baskets next week. I’ll report back to this topic.

Thanks for the heads up Mat