Which metal filter for Dripper to get more flavours than using paper filters

I’m buying a larger Clever Dripper that will take No.4 filters to make 2 cups at a time and understand that I will be giving up the aromas & nuanced components in the crema I have come to enjoy from our pump expresso machine.

After wading through this community forum and other coffee blogs I have found some claims that metal filters will pass more flavour components and oils for a richer cup than one using paper filters. I don’t mind the extra step & waste of water rinsing filter after use.

I’ve been using a Saeco Royal Coffee Bar for years and have titrated its dose & grind settings for an extraction that is perfect for my taste( using 49th Parallel’s medium roast Epic Expresso blend - a Metro Vancouver specialty roaster). Many of the coffee geeks staying at our BnB say our coffee is the best they have had on their trip.

There is a huge price range between the reference points of Osaka and Kone, $19.99 to $60.00 on Amazon.

What do you recommend if you want to pass more flavours to your cup - when you want the convenience of making coffee for 2 while travelling and not using an Areopress ?