Why does batch brew lose its flavour over time

Hi hustlers,

I’m looking to introduce a batch brewer at my cafe in the near future.
I know that it’s recommended to not serve coffee from a flask after around an hour/hour and a half after brewing.
My question is, can anyone tell me why coffee in a thermos loses its flavour over time?

Oxidation is always occurring. It’s not so much that it loses flavour but that the flavour becomes stale tasting from the change in composition that oxidation causes. That being said, I think every cafe should have a batch brewer. Just adjust your recipe to reduce waste and don’t serve stale coffee.

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So I don’t think batch brew loses its flavor over time, I just believe the flavor changes. Partly due to cooling and also compounds inside the coffee aging. We let our batches live for 75 min, if it stays full in the caraf. If we serve some out of a full container right after brewing we only let it live for another 45 min. We only brew half gallon batches that we dial in pretty heavily, then brew into a half gallon container so the thermal mass is as best as possible to keep everything as up to original temp as possible… hope this makes sense!