Best Possible Second Wave Shop

(Daniel Moore) #1

I live in a town firmly rooted in the “Second Wave”. We opened the shop three months ago and I have made maybe four pour overs but have made thousands of mochas and flavored lattes. One obvious thing to note is that our menu definitely encourages people to order flavored drinks.

My question is for people in similar situations, what steps have to taken to guarantee the best possible experience for these customers? What could we do better to guide people toward better coffee, what can we do to improve the quality of our sweet lattes?

Thanks in advance!

(Fred Cederstrom) #2

In regards to improving the quality of your Sweet Lattes/Mochas, make your syrups yourself.
We offer Vanilla, Orgeat, and Caramel syrups. For our Mochas, we make a chocolate ganache which we mix with the espresso before adding the milk.
It’s miles ahead of the bottled crap.