Has anyone used the Fellow Stagg Pour Over System?

(Kate Seward) #1

I’m looking for feedback on the Stagg Pour Over System. A customer is interested, but I’ve never used one. Does it product good cup quality/balanced/mouthfeel/etc? Besides it’s beautiful design, is it making good coffee?


(Shawn Thacker) #2

Hi Kate,

I purchased a Stagg system about 8 months ago and have been experimenting with it since. For me, the brewing chamber is too narrow to agitate the slurry properly (…I like to stir aggressively!) although they do make a shorter brewer now which would be easier to make sure everything is saturated. In addition, the filters included were not cut very cleanly, papery, and difficult to separate, almost like AeroPress paper. That said, I think the star of this system is the kettle; it’s balanced, has great weight, and so far, excellent build quality. I use it for nearly all of my pour-over brewing now with excellent results.

I did find I had to grind a little finer as compared to a V60 in order to slow down the flow rate and hit the brew time I was aiming for because of all the holes + ridges in the bottom. To be honest, if they could fix the filters, I think I’d use it a little more and overlook some of the other things.


(Kate Seward) #3

Thanks for that reply Shawn. That’s great information, and definitely helps inform our decision. Interesting about the ridged and many holes in the dripper. It’s odd that you can’t find a picture of what the bottom of the dripper looks like. Seems like a pretty important detail to include!

(Dylan Case White) #4

(Dylan Case White) #5

Question: Have you tried any other filters, or do you think any other filters could be used with this system other than the ones specifically designed for it?


(Shawn Thacker) #6

Hi Dylan,

I haven’t tried any other filters and I’m not sure if anything would fit in the brewing chamber. The original Stagg XF brewer is pretty deep to use a different filter with a flat bottom. The newer, shallower Stagg X might fit a Kalita Wave filter, but I doubt it fits ‘cleanly’ because of the steeper angle inside the Stagg. Here’s a comparison of both from the brewers and the filters courtesy of Fellow’s website…