Modified water recipe for spring water?

(Markku Salonen) #1

Greetings from Helsinki. This is my first post.

My problem here is distilled water is not readily available for reasonable price, and RO equipment is out of question.

I just received data about bottled spring water, sold near me in 5 liter bottles, stating:

Total hardness 22 ppm
Alkalinity 18 ppm

Now I’d love to ask you knowledgeable members how to adjust this to optimum coffee brewing water.

(Hans Von Zuhause) #2

Hi! This is my first answer here :slight_smile:

My company deals with water treatment. The easiest solution (at an reasonable price) is to use an Everpure filter. There are 2 models which contain resin and activated carbon. So you can use tap water and treat it with a single filter (you only need head and fittings). What you get is a decrease of scale and the removal of chlorine (which make coffee more bitter). If you’re interested I can tell you more.

Best regards,


(Sophie Erichsen) #3

Hi Hans, I’m interested in this topic because I would like to install an undencounter filter. It’s not the first time I hear about Everpure, but I never had one. Can you please tell me more?

(Hans Von Zuhause) #4

Of course I can, but first I need to know something more. What are the problems? Did you notice anything particular? Bad taste, bad smell, limescale or something else?

(Sophie Erichsen) #5

Yes, water has a bad taste of chlorine. There is also visible particulate matter, how can I remove it?

(Hans Von Zuhause) #6

Well, this is a really simple problem. You can install an Everpure 4C (with head), I can give you the product link on my site, but there are many other companies that sell it.
Here you can find the filter:
Here the head:
You need then a faucet, you can choose a 1- or 3-way faucet.

(Sophie Erichsen) #8

Thank you very much! What about the faucets? What are the advantages of having 3 ways?

(Hans Von Zuhause) #9

Hi Sophie, sorry for the wait. Well, the advantage is that you don’t need to make any additional hole in the sink, you just have to replace your current faucet.

(Sophie Erichsen) #10

Ok, that’s interesting. Thank you. Do you have any suggestions? How’s the quality of your faucets?

(Hans Von Zuhause) #11

Our 3-way-faucets are made in Italy, this is synonymous with quality. Anyway, if there’s any problem you can return them within 30 days. Here some of our best sellers:




(Sophie Erichsen) #12

Thank you very much :blush: