Acaia pearl vs Lunar

I cant seem to figure out the difference between those two. I have the Acaia pearl and im curious to know what would i get extra from the Lunar ($70 difference)

You can’t use your pearl on your dip tray, that’s why we have the lunar.

Accuracy is the big one.
The pearl is accurate to 0.1g, the lunar is within 0.01g
The lunar is also completely water proof unlike its predecessor.
If using it on your drip tray I find it hard to imagine a pearl fitting on anything without being angled (making it even less accurate).
If I had to buy one of the two it would be the lunar for its accuracy, longevity and versatility.

The pearl was also the first model, devloped for the original kickstarter. The Lunar came next with a number of tweaks and is much better suited for espresso usage.

The lunar has automatic tare and timer modes, an aluminum body, and a two year replacement guarantee against water damage

I like to use the Pearl for drip coffees (v60, Kalita etc) and the Lunar for espresso.
The Pearl is good for drip because it has a easy to read display, and it’s simple to use for drip.
The Lunar is good for espresso because it has automatic tare, drip mode, it’s water proof and it fits on the drip tray.
My favorite setup is the Pearl in the brew bar and the Lunar on the espresso machine :slight_smile:


Pearl for pour over, Lunar for espresso. The Lunar’s size & build are well suited for espresso, and lives in the trays of our Synesso and GS3. I like the size of the Pearl much more on pour over; with a chemex, for instance, the bottom covers the screen (I don’t use the app consistently).