Pourover methods, not V60


I am using to make filter coffee a V60.

In two weeks it is my birthday, I was thinking, taking this opportunity, to buy a Kalita. However, I found there are new drippers in the market: December dripper, GINO dripper, … and I don’t know which could be the best option.

Is it a good option the Kalita, still? Is some of the new drippers a better option?


The ability to stop flow during blooming might be seen as preferable for the December Dripper, however, this won’t exclude the others, or your V60 from making good cups. Buy whichever you like the look of - it’s nice to have a change once in a while, but what you do with any of them has the biggest effect on outcome.

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Kalita will give you a little more body but I would go for a Steep & Release brewer like the December or Clever dripper as it will give you a chance to play with immersion as well as percolation (filtering).

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Thanks for the help. I think I’ll give a try to the December dipper.

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