Who's got a December Dripper?

Hello there!

December Drippers got shipped out and people are receiving them. Currently, it’s my only means of brewing coffee so I’ve been going pretty hard trying to dial in a recipe to use daily.

What are some of your personal experiences with it so far? Love it? Not so much? Did you find the perfect recipe? Who’s playing with full immersion bloom (no holes open)? Let’s talk about all of it :slightly_smiling_face:

where do i get a december dripper?

I have one, starting to make test with it.

By the moment positives, in my case better than V60. But I am a newbie and used (usually) 15 gr. of coffee.

I use the recipes in this page:

Four Ways to Brew With the December Dripper

My current technique with it is a 2-stage pour. The first is at 4X (so, 20 gr dose with 80 ml) for 1 minute on 0. After fully draining stage 1, I pour the rest of the water in at one time with all holes open, setting 3.

I find that pulse pouring is too inconsistent with fines settling late in the brew but I still want to add fresh water when I can to account for the concentration effect that a single pour would have. So I’m playing around with this recipe to see if I can get the best of both. A nice, full extraction without having to pulse.