Anfim SP2 compared to Mythos One

I was recently looking into upgrading the Ceado E37S and Quamar Q13 grinders and was considering the Mythos One, but a friend pointed out that the Anfim SP2 might be a better choice.

Does anyone have any experience with the Anfim SP2 grinder?

I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts and experiences with the Anfim too.
I like using my Mythos grinders … but sometimes I wonder if they’re really worth all the hassle.

I wouldn’t invest in the Mythos 1 if I was upgrading or opening a new cafe though. More options have become available since the Mythos 1 came out and they seem to address a lot of the problems associated with the Mythos grinders…

However I’m real interested to see how the Mythos 2’s will handle a high volume cafe.

I sold my Mythos and got an SPII just before Christmas. There’s a blog post pending on it but in the meantime:

The Anfim is really loud compared to the Mythos. Might not be an issue in a big shop but mine is pretty small and every time we grind a dose it’s really noticeable

The clump crusher on the Anfim is made of metal so won’t wear out and need replacing like the one on the Mythos

Takes about 5 secs to grind an 18g dose. Delivery into the pf is beautiful.

The Anfim has barista mode, which my Mythos didn’t, so topping up doses is really easy in comparison to flicking through the dosing presets on the Mythos

Adjusting the time isn’t so easy on the Anfim - you. Need to long press buttons, and then the first option to adjust is the whole seconds, when you really just want to take 0.1 or 0.2 off. The screen is slightly awkward to view compared to the Mythos, but you only need to look at it when adjusting anyway

Grind adjustment is by worm drive so it’s super super fine. Doesn’t need much adjustment during service - sometimes with the Mythos I found if we were getting slammed it would get really hot and we’d have to go finer and finer, then back off once things calmed down.

The spout comes off with two Allen bolts for cleaning so it’s really quick to give it a decent clean - Mythos is pretty good in this regard too though.

The Anfim retains about 10g between the burrs and the spout which is higher than the Mythos. Worth considering depending on what sort of volume you’re doing.

The cooling on the Anfim seems really great.

In terms of taste and extraction there’s not much in it - you can push both pretty hard and get good tasting brews.

What would you choose now instead of Mythos 1?
(For me Mythos 2 is not an option yet, without any experience, and I can’t wait for those…)

Will, I think new Mythos models have a barista mode for top up - at least mine does.

I had one that did, and one that didn’t - don’t know what the rationale was behind which models got it and what didn’t.

I think its a firmware thing. At Square Mile they had a few and said it was the newer ones that had the barista mode, and as I recently bought might, it has it.

I’m not sure. I’m still leaning towards the VA Mythos One, it looks great, seems to be more silent, and my coffee shop is pretty small and quiet.
But, considering cost, I’m actually considering 2 x SCODY-II as an upgrade to both the mentioned grinders.

I’m holding for now, save some money. Asked for a review Anfim grinder. I still like the Mythos more, but am considering the Anfim grinders for budget.

Good resale on a mythos, and unsure about anfim but the mythos is pretty easy to clean.

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Thank you for the detailed response.
I have one curiosity, why did you choose to sell the Mythos and get an Anfim?

I’ve heard stories from my Anfim distributor that a couple Specialty Shops decided to switch to the SCODY-II grinder even though they were already using Mythos grinders.