Cleaning grinder and brewing equipment at home

What is the best way to clean brewing equipment and a Baratza Encore? I have a V60 and a Chemex. I’ve heard somewhere along the way it’s best to clean brewing equipment with soap. Should I use Cafiza or something like that?

There are products like “Grinds” which you run through your grinder and then season with a dose of coffee. I like to dismantle my Mazzer about once every few month or so and thoroughly clean. I even remove the burrs because caked coffee finds its way under them. After re-assembly, I have never had a problem with calibration- it comes back to where it was. For cleaning plastic and glass, Cafiza would be the best as it is a strong surfactant that effectively removes the coffee oils and residues, is non-perfumed, and rinses completely clean. At a pinch dishwashing liquid works but use the unscented variety.


Unscented soap on the glass should be fine. I used whatever I had and then rinsed it super well. Grindz would be good for a deep cleaning of the grinder. My method there would be disassemble and deep clean, reassemble, use a tab of Grindz, then disassemble and quick clean, ending with sending a few g of beans through to make sure everything is cleaned out.

You may run across some people suggesting dry rice to help clean it. I don’t exactly trust that method, it’s better to use something made specifically for the task.

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