Grinders to a Small Coffee Shop retail

Hi guys, I´m looking for a basic grinder to a Small Coffee Shop

  1. Bunn G3
  2. Mahlköning GH1
  3. Ditting


…what preparation are you grinding for? (ie. esprsso, drip/pour-over, batch brew, etc.)



Batch Brew mate.

Here we have two Best Grinder for Chemex right now in the market:

1. Baratza Encore Conical Grinder

Baratza Encore, a 40-pound coffee factory. If necessary, chemicals and other substances are allowed. Stainless steel alloys can really dust your space - anything in the radio frequency spectrum
It doesn’t have as much time as cellular powder or chemistry, but it does its job. The tower in the minaret can be compared to other outer towers, but it can be really good for people who really need a foundation but don’t have time to study in depth.
Sidan, the roads are not funny - listen carefully. It flies like a re likeim at 550 beats per minute. Not very similar - there is an error comparing your tower to minutes (extremes).

2. Bartza Vertuso + coffee grinder
Bartza Vertuso + nose cleansing is another way, but we entered through the door, which is still iron in construction. The plastic is still plentiful, but the upper and lower steel strengthen it. If you do everything right, it will take years.
For years you will get hard tools that are as durable as Anchor. The beams rotate in 550 revolutions, creating some heat and slowing down. The warrior has a lot and plays with 8 ounces.
Add pictures with this stealth image enhancer. First there is the key to hot weather.