Commandante C40 nitro blade grind settings

What are your settings for espresso, pour over and immersion brewing?

I’m using 22 stops back from 0 (finest setting) for V60.

For me, It actually works fine like this:

Espresso 14-15
Aeropress 18-20
V60 24-26
Chemex 28-30
French Press 32-34
Cupping 35

Hope it helps


Thank you, this saves my day :slight_smile:

Please allow one question from a beginner and new proud owner of a Comandante: how is setting 0 defined? I guess it is the setting where the empty mill starts to block!? But I am not sure because after this position I can add some more clicks but I would never turn the handle in one of these settings. Could please someone specify setting 0 for me?

Many thanks in advance!

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Ok maybe it was a stupid question. Austin did write “finest setting”, this should mean it is the latest setting the handle of the empty mill can be turned without resistance.

Everytime you go finer or coarser in the dial, you apply a certain amount of force. You will get to the “0 setting” once the force you apply to go one click finer is greater than the last one.

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Thank you, I did catch it now.

The 0 with my method was about 2 steps earlier.

strange. I’m using 5-7 for double espresso with 18 grams. i used many of speciality coffees and vst or normal basket and still the same setting

A lot has changed since last reply, now I’m fixed around 12 now for espresso (24 if you have the Red Clix RX35 installed). It can be because the grinds burrs become dull after so many uses, so you need to grind finer and finer as it happens with commercial grinder burrs.

If you you go to the Commandante Grinder FAQ, they have a list of recommended grind settings:

Whilst the perfect grind setting of course varies from coffee to coffee, here are some good starting points for you:

  • 5–10 Clicks for Ibrik.
  • 10–15 Clicks for Espresso.
  • 15–20 Clicks for a Bialetti or stovetop coffee pot.
  • 22–32 Clicks for a pour over filter coffee (depending on dose and brewer).
  • 25–-30 Clicks for Cupping and French Press.
  • 30–35 Clicks for a Karlsbad Coffee Maker.
  • Aeropress? Well, that depends on your recipe ;)!
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thanx… yes it could be. i have comandante one and half years… but also strange that even 6 clicks for espresso… i use 9 bar. i will buy red clix. but hard to find it in eshops