EK43 distribution methodology with smaller diameter baskets i.e. no jam funnel

I have just received an EK43 and in the past when i have used an EK it was with 58mm baskets and a jam funnel. Worked a charm.

My current baskets are 54mm (San Marco). What other methodologies have people adopted for dosing and distribution rather than the jam funnel method which may work for me? (To be clear, the jam funnel is too big for the 54mm baskets and hence my quest for another method)

An obvious alternative would be using a vessel to transfer my ground dose to the baskets and then using horizontal and vertical collapsing techniques for distribution. Is the answer I’m looking for really just that obvious?

Will an Aeropress funnel fit? Otherwise, I’m sure you can cut the stem off of a standard plastic or silicone funnel until you get enough clearance.

Ikea has a jam funnel that fits your baskets !

Not Sure if it is 54mm in or out, but I found this espresso related site regarding funnels. It’s the closest thing you are looking for, so you can collapse and distribute.
Even got 51mm for the La Pavoni
And maybe the 53.5 is the nearest to your needs.
The bottom of the website says copyright 2014, so you might still be in luck.


You might want to send Charlie an email asking for a custom sized “Precision Dosing Cup” of his. You can see the product in action on his instagram at artisansmith.