Smaller alternative to EK43 for tiny spaces

Hello there,

We have EK43 grinders at some of our shops, but the new shop we’ll be opening in a few weeks is tiny tiny tiny! we’ll have 2x Mythos 1 grinders but no space for the EK43 to grind our coffee for pour over, moccamaster, cold brew and guest espros.

We’ve been using Baratza Forté at other tiny spaces, and so far we believe that is the best option for us for the new shop, but wanted to ask you guys if you know of any other alternatives to the EK43, single dose grinding, accurate, easy to use and SMALL.

Thanks community!

German D Salamanca

Its not out yet but in the future u might be able to consider the Lyn Weber EG-1.

Matt can probably give u a lot more details on them though.

Hi @JusTie

Thanks for your reply. Yes, we are also waiting on that one! unfortunately we open in 4-5 weeks :frowning: so we need an alternative that’s already in the market. But this Lyn Weber is amazing. We use the HG-1 at another shop and it’s incredible.


You can check out the Monolith Conical by Kafatek or a Versalab M3.

Thanks! They look amazing