How do people keep the cooling tray clean?

To all the roasters out there, What chemical do you use to keep the roasting cooling tray looking new? Or is it even possible?

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You really want to avoid chemicals. Your coffees sitting on there. I’ve heard of roasters occasionally contracting someone to clean with liquid nitrogen which freezes the patina and chips/falls right off.

Thanks Spencer. We have one of those magic rollers. Just curious to see what else may be handy. It’s crazy how quick the dirt builds up.

Most important is the airflow doesn’t get restricted. I remember a colleague and I were trying to thourouly clean a 20s era Probat cooling tray. We took it to the coin-op car wash and hit it with high pressure water. Did virtually nothing except get some odd looks from folks at the car wash. We even tried taking a torch and tried burning it off. Also did very little. A wire brush seemed to be the best but I always liked to wipe it down with a damp towel to remove any potential metal dust.

Maybe someday they’ll develop a non-chipping Teflon coating for the trays. Only thing I can think of. Until then regular cleaning is your best bet.