I’ve built an espresso recipe app (based on Matt Perger’s approach) and I’m looking for your feedback

I’m excited to share a project that I’ve been brewing - howtoespresso.coffee! As a passionate espresso lover, I’ve spent far too much time dialing in my shots and wasting too much coffee, because I didn’t do it systematically. After watching countless videos about the topic I finally found Matt Perger’s (BaristaHustle) amazing video and it finally clicked for me. But every time I tried to explain it to another beginner barista it was quite complicated and I felt they didn’t get it. That’s why I’ve built howtoespresso.coffee

  • allows you to dial in your espresso by tracking and adjusting every variable systematically
  • save recipes so you don’t have to start from scratch every time

Btw, I’m not selling anything here, it’s a passion project that is completely free and I hope it can help some people, nothing more.

Feedback Time!

I believe that a tool for the community should be shaped by the community. I’m seeking your valuable insights, critiques, and suggestions. Whether it’s a feature you’d love to see, a user experience tweak, or any other feedback, I’m all ears!

Just write me through the app or here in the comments.

Happy brewing! :coffee: