Espresso - Theory, Technique

:film_projector: Espresso: Why You Hate It and How to Fix It - Ben Kaminsky
:film_projector: Naked Portafilters - Chris Baca
:film_projector: Chefsteps Espresso Class
:memo: Drink Preferences - Charles Babinski and La Marzocco
:film_projector: Espresso Q&A - Tim Wendelboe

Barista Hustle Espresso Series - Matt Perger
:memo: Analyzing Dose
:memo: How to Weigh Shots
:memo: Understanding Yield
:memo: Shot Time
:memo: Strength / TDS
:film_projector: Recipes: Putting it all Together
:memo: How Hard Should You Tamp?
:joystick: Espresso Temperature Calculator
:joystick: Strength and Dilution Calculators
:bar_chart: The Espresso Compass
:joystick: DIY Extraction Tasting
:memo: Distribution
:memo: How to Distribute by Tapping
:film_projector: Holdswhirl Distribution Method
:memo: For a Good Puck
:memo: Nutation: An Apology
Downward Spiral of Death
:film_projector: Man vs Volumetrics

jimseven on Espresso - James Hoffmann
:memo: Dialling in without timings
:memo: 7 tips for dialling in an espresso blend
:memo: Seasoning a coffee machine
:memo: Continued Thoughts on Pressure Profiling
:memo: The Cappuccino

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