Brewing - Theory, Technique


📝 📝 Counter Culture Brewing Guides 📽 Extraction Measurement - Scott Rao 📽 Making Your Refractometer Work for You - Chris Baca 📝 A Case for Batch Brew - James Wallace 📽 From Plant to Cup - Blue Bottle and Michael Phillips 📽 Manual Brewing Q&A - Tim Wendelboe 📽 Live Cupping Q&A - Tim Wendelboe

Barista Hustle Brewing Series - Matt Perger
:memo: Coffee Extraction and How to Taste It
:bar_chart: The 80:20 Method
:bar_chart: The Coffee Compass
:joystick: Strength and Dilution Calculators
:memo: The Most Important Thing About Brewing Coffee
:memo: Surface Area and Time
:memo: VST:WTF? Parts One, Two, Three
:memo: Extraction More Better
:film_projector: Refractometer Method

jimseven Brewing Guides - James Hoffmann
:film_projector: French Press
:film_projector: Moka Pot
:film_projector: Chemex
:memo: Iced Coffee
:memo: Cupping Vs French Press
:memo: Pressurised cold brewing

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