Is there such thing as a flaring barista?

I’m in need of a flaring barista for a video shoot - it’s a paid role and I’m not so sure it exists!

If anyone is interested in getting involved - let me know!

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If it’s just a video, I’m sure a flare bartender could do the actions of a barista rather than struggling to find a barista that has learned to do flare tricks. Just my thoughts!

Yeah that’s a good idea. Flaring is pretty generally frowned upon in coffee!

Is that because you dropped a portafilter in a coffee in good spirits comp? :joy:

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I would say my style is close to flairing except for throwing full milk jugs behind my back. Flipping glass ware and porta filters/group handles, pouring milk from a height as you do when flairing. These are things I have focused on in the past while others were learning latte art. I thought customers would rather watch me “flair” while making there t/a and have here coffee than pouring a swan that will then get stirred away with sugar. I still do latte art just not over the top stuff as I still want the shine to be on the milk when the customer gets it. From the feed back I get from customers and other Baristas is that they love watching me make coffee, of course when I’m getting hammered on the machine I’m not as flashy but it still comes through a bit. Another Barista I know said they do a bit of what they call “Octopusing” where the arms a flying about everywhere. This of course takes practice and time, and I did a tiny bit of flair when I have worked as a barman in the past. It just keeps it interesting for me. In saying all this I would agree at getting a skilled flair cocktail maker to help you would be your best bet if your after something super flashy. I hope this helped answer the question :slight_smile:

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