Relative comparison of extraction variables

I am not a Barista but an avid coffee drinker. I’m sure if there is an empirical answer to this question - but can anyone provide direction of the relative impact of the various variables that impact extraction. For example, how does modifying temperature by x degrees relate to the impact of going up/down grind sizes, versus having x seconds of longer brew time. I know that this is going to vary by brew method and I’m sure will also vary by where on the curve of these variables you are - but if anyone has directional guidance for either drip or aeropress it would be appreciated.

I love this idea but I’m afraid it can’t be done. There are so many solubles in coffee and each variable affects them somewhat differently. The closest you are going to get is the coffee compass and brewing guides @MattPerger has put together in the Brewing Theory & Technique Wiki

However generally, extraction is intensified and/or increased by:

Hotter water
More agitation
More surface area (finer grind)
Longer brew time
More pressure
More developed roast profile
Darker roast level
Older coffee

But each one of these variables have other effects as well, especially on the strength of the coffee (tds).

The best thing to do is be scientific. Start with a base brew recipe and then change only one variable at a time.