Second Hand Commercial Equipment?

Does anyone know of a marketplace to buy used commercial coffee gear? Preferably in the United States? Craigslist is a poor substitute for an actual retailer, especially in my area. With the rate that this gear gets outdated, it seems to me there would (or should) be a thriving “lightly-used” economy out there somewhere.

It depends on what commercial equipment you’re looking for, but some commercial gear – grinders especially – shows up on buy/sell. These sellers often know the value of their gear, so while you can get a used piece for a discounted price, don’t expect a Craigslist-style steal. They tend to go by a general 20% depreciation, with popular or reputedly reliable gear being less (therefore costing more – closer to retail), and more home-focused gear being more (likewise costing less). might have done stuff your looking for

@Bayard Here’s the “Used Coffee Equipment USA” Facebook group