Used commercial espresso machine

Hi! I work at a small coffee shop that is starting to expand and we are looking for a good, double group head, semi-automatic, used espresso machine. Any ideas where to look?

Depends what country you’re in mate, we often sell our old used machines via an online auction site (you know the one).


I am in the United States. I have checked sites like eBay but wasn’t sure if there are certain things I would stay away from or anything like that

Good day Badger

I am also looking for the same machine as well as a grinder…
Can we talk off line
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Hey Richie,

as I was saying before a good place to look is the popular online auction sites. Failing that check with your local roasters who will be able to point you in the right direction for your area.



Thanks Badger

Can you send me some links if that’s okay.

Appreciate it