Share your Barista/Brewers Competition Details!

To kick this off, here’s a lot of detail about my 2013 WBC performance:

Here’s some extra detail of my 2014 and 2015 ABC Routines.

2015 Australian Barista Championship

2014 Australian Barista Championship

Please share any of yours as well! Hopefully this kind of information will speed up any newbie’s progression.


@MattPerger any tips on making your own freeze dryer?


It’s not for the faint at heart.

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@MattPerger The photos of your table set-up don’t seem to be working for me! Perhaps it’s just me though.

I think this a great idea, and I hope it helps someone prepare. Reviewing scoresheets with judges after the competition is the most helpful conversation you can ever have in planning for the next year.

These are my scoresheets for 2016 US Brewer’s Cup. Happy to answer any questions.
2016 James US Brewers Scores

And here’s a link for the video if you want context for some of the presentation scores.

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