Shot lacking brightness

Hi there!

I just set up Aurelia II T3 and Mythos Clima Pro grinder at home. I am using beans that I am familiar with and it is supposed to have medium brightness at start and have lingering yet subtle cocoa and caramel notes at the end. (great for 8-12 oz. Lattes for the balance).

I am achieving this: 19g dose --> 38g yield --> 21-23 seconds time --> 199 degrees (boiler and group).

I am lacking the brightness of the espresso, and I am almost feeling the grinds in my mouth (not too chalky or anything).

I am wondering if someone might be able to direct me towards the root of the issue here.
Maybe it is ok to extract some beans at lower times? (I was always told to aim for 20-28 seconds).
Should I increase the coarseness?
Do I mess around with dose and yield?

I know the cafe that uses this specific kind of beans does 19g dose, 38 g yield, and it tastes different.

Any help would be so appreciated!

BTW: T3 is as beautiful as it looks in pictures :wink:


What brand of beans? Do you know the origin? Not all beans extract 1:2. Try 19 to 30-32 and see how that goes.

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My heart is racing, and I’m shaking. I’ll give it another session tomorrow. Thanks!
It is mostly Brazilian and part Guatemala (or Colombian, depending on what is available, but very similar batches).

Water is probably your best bet, Magnesium might be low and Calcium in abundance, unfortunately you can’t test what solubles are in your water unless you buy a kit that’s £££. try bottled water such as Ashbeck from Tesco or something with that similar content