Study for Q Grader

Hi legends

I’m account manager, currently pursuing a career change, something would granted me more opportunities in the coffee industry. Recently I’ve decided to study for Q Grader exam. I’ve read the guide by Andrew Hetzel for some general ideas, here I’m just wondering what do you guys do to get you there? What works for you? What books or articles do you read? When do you know you are ready for it? Any advice welcome.


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Hey! I think you should take a look to this post on the forum: Sensory Trainning

For the knowledge exam, it’s a general one but a worldwide one. I’ve seen coffee professionals from producing countries failing the exam as not being aware of coffee varieties of other countries or coffee history, for example.

This bibliography is recommended and I encourage you to have it and read it but if you are into coffee I certainly can tell that if you feel well educated on the matter you have good chances.,subjectCd-HO40.html