What are your favourite kettles and why?

This is a pretty straightforward question, and I feel like it gets asked all the time, but I haven’t seen anything on here yet about this:

What are some of your favourite pour-over kettles, and why?

I’ve been really content with my Bonavita electric kettle, and the Hario Buono kettle served me decently well before that, but I’ve worked with the Stagg as well and seen some stunning Korean kettles around! Where have you guys gone and what have you settled on? :slight_smile:

I’ve always used the Bonavita variable temp which I love. I see that Brewista just came out with a kettle that has a programmable start time, that sounds like an awesome feature!

I liked using my Bonavita Electric Kettle a lot when I had it. However, I like making coffee a lot throughout the day so I got tired of waiting for my kettle to heat up whenever I wanted to do a pour-over.

I ended up getting a Zojirushi Water Boiler and a Hario Buono kettle. The Zojirushi keeps about a gallon of water sitting at 208 degrees forever. I then just fill up the Buono with as much as I need, put it on top of our gas stove for like 15 seconds to get it to boiling (since it drops a bit below 208 when transferring to the kettle) and go.

I really like it, I use it for tea, hot chocolate, ramen, and other things as well. I can make back to back pour-overs for when I have guests over. I timed myself and made a cup of V60 in about 5 minutes from start to finish, including getting everything out and prepared, grinding, water, brewing and cleaning up after myself and putting it all away. Every minute counts in the morning before work!


For home use and based on my experience, the Bonavita Variable Temp kettle does a good job. My only problem is that it definetely isn’t ergonomical as my forearm starts to hurt after 3 brews. I feel satisfied looking at a temperature reading that isn’t from a thermometer clipped on the kettle I guess. This is just personal preference. I haven’t tried hand brewing in a commercial setup but I can confidently say that I would recommend something else.

If you are using the swan necked kettle, I can see why your arm gets sore… a litre and half of water held for a pourover is a lot heavier than the same litre and a half in the kettle on the base!!! (just think… some folks pay to go to the gymn to build up arm strength…) I use their V neck kettle, variable temp, and LOVE the hold temp when finished feature. I mostly brew either French press (1.5 litre) or Aeroppress, so I don’t hold up the kettle for long. I’ve done smaller events with a second kettle, alternating, brewing French presses back to back when a large crowd WANT COFFEE NOW.

I used to use and sell the Bodum Ibis line, I liked the fact that the base fit inside the kettle with the lid closed, which prevents leaving the base behind somewhere (that’s how I figured it out… lost one base plate), but those kettles had a fatal flaw where they had cut a fraction of a cent in building, and I had to warranty a lot of them. I tried the new version, better, but the HUGE base is a nuisance for portability. So far it is working, only been in service at home for about four months. But whenAmazon sell them below my landed cost, that means I don’t sell them anywhere, because anyone can get it cheaper there. Sigh…

The closest to unbreakable I ever knew was the Krupps 1.5 litre unit. I bought one in 1997 and used it on average two times per day, at least, it finally died last fall, What’s that, nineteen years? From a fifty dollar home appliance? Amazing. It was fast, easy to use, basic, the base was no bigger than the bottom of the kettle.

I have seen and used the Breville 1.7 litre variable temp unit, if memory serves it also has the hold temp feature. One of my coffee suppliers use them in their cupping room, and they get a LOT of hard service, and have been running a long time. When looking to take on another line of kettles I’ll look into those.

Here are the kettles i have tried and love. I use a hot water tower programmed at 207*F.

  1. Fellows kettle which you can keep on a small induction cook top to keep the temp consistent through your pour. Great control and ergonomics are great. Also has a thermometer. Very comfortable to hold and use. Well thought out by their engineers. They have a new kick starter for a new kettle and heater system that is amazing.

  2. Monarch methods from Canada has great copper kettles (320ml and 500ml). Small, easy to use, held comfortably in one hand. Covered on laser cut wrap to protect your hand. Also has a thermometer. I always pre heat the kettle to keep the temperature consistent.

  3. Takahiro kettle from Japan is awesome. One downside is the cost. However the control is its mainstay. They come in .9l or .5l. Truly one of the best.

These are my favorites. I have used just about everything out there. Hope this helps.

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A lot of kettles are now present in the market with great features easing in making a good cup of coffee.

  1. iKettle: Hope you have heard about it! It can connect with your iphone and after that, it can be controlled with it. Wakeup, switch it on being on the bed via your iphone and wake up when the process is done. Moreover, it has a 30 min keep warm function as well.

  2. Electrolux Expressionist: A beautiful equipment with no messed up controls and does the work perfectly. It is pre programmed for coffee, green tea and white tea so just pressing a button is enough. It also has a turbo mode to heat the water in 60 seconds

  3. Mr Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle: Now this is a 2 in 1 equipment. This comes with precision steeping and extraction along with the normal process of heating water. It also has keep warm function and also has some other good features to hook you.
    To know more about these great kettles and few others, visit http://www.friedcoffee.com/best-electric-kettle-collection-home-top-10-picks/
    It’s a basic thing, so buy according to your needs or else with wrong selection, your efforts will be a waste.

Hands down the standard sprout Takahiros, not the super tiny sprout ones. The latter cost too much and gives you less control over the water flow but more on the precise pouring - if you need it that bad.

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I would advise you to pay attention to two models from this top - glass and metal. Both look good)
I have a very similar model behind the bar (glass)
I attach a photo of my workplace, cheers to all)) (I’m with dreadlocks)11355990_475037539329096_1818670700_n

I’m a big fan of my Monarch MK500. I fill it with a Bonavita variable kettle, and the Monarch is so much more comfortable to use. Bit annoying I can’t heat it directly though.


I have a Lagostina kettle which is the best quality stainless steel. Tightly sealed and works great for me.

I am just like you: I started with a Buono which I modified with a thermometer (I reamed out the central vent hole to accommodate it). I upgraded to the Bonavita. Though I’m happy with the Bonavita, I’d like it to be a bit easier to regulate flow.


You sound like as fanatical as I am. Always experimenting temperature


I have a Cuisinart kettle for boiling water, then I fill the Buono directly off of the boil. I can then vary temperature depending on if the Buono is cooled by water from the tap, or just at room temperature, or adding a small amount of the boiling water to heat up the kettle. I then pour into the Buono from the Cuisinart kettle and can quickly hit most any temperature with a subsequent delay of time for cooldown if necessary.

I also have Bonavita which is very convenient, but I have modified the Buono with a plug for a smaller stream of water.

Oddly, the Bonavita temperature base is now acting bizarre that when turned on the led just starts counting vs. setting the temperature! Very odd, had to dig out my spare base because of this.

Anyway, they both do a great job.

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Just an update. Ever since I’ve fell in love with brewing with boiling water I now use the Buono and a stove to heat it up.


…boiling water is the only water!