GS3 AV vs Linea Mini for pop up cart

(German D Salamanca) #1

Hi, I noticed there’s another question about the GS3 and about the Mini, but didn’t really find anything relevant to what I need.

We need a 1 group for events such as parties, weddings, etc and usually we serve anything btw 30 to 250 ppl in 1 to 4 hours. I love the GS3 for it’s looks and because it does work pretty damn well (I used to train baristas on that), but it is more expensive than the Linea Mini. (I’ve never used the mini).

Has anyone out there used both machines for similar size events? it would be great to hear from someone that has experience using both (plumbed to big water tanks) and to hear your thoughts about both, and whether or not the GS3 is far superior to pay more for it.

Thank you kindly in advanced!

(Shawn Thacker) #2

…just following.