Home Espresso Machine?

(Parker Mize) #1

I’m looking for the cheapest home machine that can pull quality shots with a good grinder. I don’t have the budget to spend more than 500 dollars. I was given an old Cunill Brasil espresso grinder from an old coffee shop to go with whatever I buy.

I am a barista so I’m used to using a nice machine and grinder, getting delicious thick shots. I just want better home espresso than I’m getting now with my Gaggia Brera. Does anyone know if the Gaggia Classic is better capable?

(Amit Ahuja) #2

I suggest to go with Gaggia Classic along with a grinder Baratza Encore as a good grinder is crucial for a good cup of Joe.
Classic will cost around $200 and the Encore around $150 so both under $500. Then buy a knock box and some good coffee beans to start your coffee journey.

(Barbara Wilson) #3

Sorry for interrupting, but it seems like I’m in similar (yet slightly different) situation as OP. The problem is that I’m choosing an espresso machine for my grandparents. Since I can’t find any Gaggia distributors near them, I’m looking for a good alternative. They will get soon a grinder from Baratza, so 450$ is a budget for an espresso machine only.

As for now we have two options: semi-automatic from Breville (like Breville BES840XL or BES810BSS) or semi-automatic Sunbeam EM7000. I have not used a Sunbeam - it was highly recommended by our family friend - so cannot compare machines but I did own a Breville before. Though I found several topics where those machines were compared and Sunbeam definitely have some surprisingly good feedback from its users.

I’d like to hear your thoughts as well. The only requirement - it should be an entry-level device.
Thanks in advance!

ps - if it’s prohibited to add a question in existing topic, please, let me know

(Amit Ahuja) #4

Breville has another option as BES870xl. It’s slightly above your budget of $450 but not much far and you may consider it over bes840xl.
Another brand I would like you to suggest is Rancilio Silvia. It’s a good option and even many small cafes consider it. It will cost above $700, but will be definitely a good investment.

(Thomas Starks) #5

You could always go super simple and use a Nespresso machine :joy::joy: