Best House Blend Grinder for training

To Whom it may concern or be kind to comment on,

What grinder will be the best for training purposes and maintaining consistency when making coffee?

I am looking at a Robur E or a Mythos 1. I have worked with both in a high volume environment but am curious to hear your thoughts.

Also, I am open to other grinder suggestions.

I prefer a Mythos 1 for consistency and training.

The role of every espresso variable is much easier to demonstrate on a Mythos. Doses can be programmed for consistent weights, changing grind is easily illustrated (and clearly labeled), purging is more effective and grounds are clump-free.
I can clean out my Mythos at the end of a day and start training the next day knowing that I’ll get exactly the results I’m expecting.
Cleaning is easier inside the Mythos grind chamber and so is burr replacement.
I love a good Robur; Mazzers are tanks for sure but my time is so much better spent on a Mythos.

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