Grams of coffee per litre

I’m curious! With the EK43 grinder, how many grams of coffee do you use per litre for filter coffee? We use 60 per litre, but I think I’ve read somewhere that Tim Wendelboe uses 70 grams per litre. Thoughts?

Use whatever works best, SCAA/E recommends 55-65g/l, but I’ve had some good coffees outside of the parameters, experimenting is the best way

@Lilleashild it depends on your brew method, grind setting and TDS-aim. In my opinion the best approach is to use a refractometer and your taste buds to dial in.

Yeah, 60 gram works for our brewing method and grind setting. I just want to know what others are doing, just out of curiosity :wink:

I’m curious as to why you are curious! What would the information tell you? Water, coffee, brew methods and strength preference will vary for everyone will it not?

curiosity is king. I think it’s a great idea, it might inspire others to not only try the specific recipe, but to build upon it.

We are actually using 55gr to 1 liter. It works great for our machines :slight_smile: