Industry Payscale

So as you might know im in the early process of oppening a roastery/cafe in Abu Dhabi, UAE. And recruiting talent can be a hassle. Add to that recruiting talent abroad who would have to move to another country. It becomes even more of a hassle.

Payscale in the U.S is not the same of that in Austrailia or the U.K. As such im hoping of getting tons of replies :stuck_out_tongue: that reflect the approximate pay ofa head barista and a master roaster around the world for all of us to reflect on and benefit.

In the end i really hope this post can help me know whether or not i would be able to lure a talented head barista and a master roaster with a salary package of 22,825 USD anually each in a country where there are no taxes.

It’s probably worth noting that a 38h week at the Australian minimum wage ($17.70 p.h.), if you factor in tax and an exchange rate of $0.76 USD / AUD, would equate to around $24,000 USD take home.

Considering that in other industries wages for ex-pats in the Emirates typically offer an uplift of 1.5 - 2 times what is earned at home and that you are offering what appears to be somewhat below entry level wages for Australian baristas, I imagine it might be hard to attract a Master Barista / Head Roaster based on remuneration package alone.