Nitro flush impulse sealer troubles!

Hey guys, sorry for the SUPER specific post here, but I figured if anyone would have any insights it would be this particular brain trust. We have an AIE 455-GA vacuum / nitro flush impulse sealer that we’ve been using for the past month or so. We purchased it to use for a really neat project that absolutely needs nitro flushed coffee for. This project starts Tuesday, so of course the machine broke today when the manufacturer’s office is closed!! We’re pretty sure it’s a simple problem but the internet has no troubleshooting. Has anyone here ever used one of these machines in their shop? The foot pedal isn’t triggering the sealing bar to close, and we’re thinking it’s either an electrical issue or an air pressure issue. Compressor is totally fine, everything else works - just not the most important part! If anyone has any experience / ideas / advice on where to start to see if we can get this back up before Monday, it would be more than welcome. Thank you!