Pourover pour modification

I have seen a couple of posts recently of people using a type of screen to break the pour as they are pouring the water into the brew bed. Has anyone tested and done a comparison doing this? I have tried pouring through my Aeropress with a filter in it to create a raining effect on the brew bed and find I have to grind slightly finer and get a cleaner cup. I’m wondering if this is a thing or just some weird thing that some people are trying. It creates less agitation and has a shower screen effect. I’ve seen an actual screen with a handle that someone designed for this purpose, people use a french press screen to break the water, and I’ve used an Aeropress.

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Are you referring to https://melodrip.co/? I think it’s a great idea, I’ve made a homemade version by sticking a takeaway chopstick into one of the holes in the aeropress screen, as shown here: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?32138-Kalita-wave&p=506792#post506792

It gives less undissolved solids in the cup, so cleaner tasting results. Probably not needed if you have something like EK43, but with lesser grinders it definitely increases clarity.

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Yeah, thanks for the links. I saw it on IG and couldn’t find it again. I’ll read more on it and do more experimenting. Do you use a filter in the Aeropress cap? I find the holes are too big and need a filter to slow the water down.

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Hey Reynold,

I have a Melodrip and would offer the following comments:

  • I typically pour with 2 hands with my kettle; 1 on the handle, and then I use a couple of fingers from the other hand on top of the kettle in order to keep a consistent pace and motion to avoid ‘swinging’ the kettle. For me, the Melodrip took a bit of practice so that I could pour 1-handed while using the other to hold the MD.
  • I do love the Melodrip for decanting into a cup. I pour from whatever I brewed into (typically a Hario Range Server) slowly through the MD into the serving vessel. Because the volume is ‘broken’ into smaller drops, it definitely cools the coffee a little quicker which I like for pour-over brewing.