Quick and efficient TDS measuring

Hi evryone

Could you walk me trough an quick and efficient way of measuring tds of both espresso and filter. I feel like i’m always wasting too much time and was wondering if there is some other way of doing it.

I already watched Matt’s video and implemented it.

what exactly are you struggling with?

We don’t have a fixed time to measure so usually we do it in service when we find a time. That means getting it done quick without any time to waste.

Well considering you have to set the beverage aside to cool to around room temp before refracting anyway, just have everything set out on a bench away from anything that could contaminate or damage and when you have a moment syringe your espresso pop on the filter drop into the VST and then press go approximately 5 times. Most people go off 3 identical readings but I like to go to 5 to be sure. Have the coffee tools app at the ready on your phone or your POS for a quick as possible reading or you can always just have the equation written in a notebook if you don’t have the app. It really shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds if you’re prepared.

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