Ditting kr804 for espresso

We are using the kr804 to make espresso for few months,and it is hard to adjust for an good espresso,a little adjustment will cost a big change of flow,normally we use 20g in lamarzocco pb abr 18g basket,20second,for 35g coffee,no matter how we adjust,it will aways too fast/slow,bitter、dirty(uneven) or thickness、sour(even but too fast)
our coffee bean is a light roasted Colombia,around 205°c
And it is hard to see others using kr804 for espresso,is it really a bad idea?

Hi there

In the shop I work for the past 8 months, we use KR804 for single origin and decaf shots.
Here’s the details of our recipe for store use

Black Eagle
18g basket
198-200 F
dose 19.5g +/- 0.5g without RDT aiming 39g-42g output to start
usually range 27-33 seconds will begin to get some drinkable shots
and then however the results are, we would adjust towards the direction we desire.

still too early to say I know KR804 well; there are a lot more people know this machine better
Furthermore, there are some youtube videos for cleaning and realigning KR804 to get more accurate adjustment
I would probably look at those parts if you’ve tried adjusting every possible way of grind setting
I don’t know if misalignment ever is an issue with KR804, but why not tried to take a good look at your burr first?
Just some thoughts


Thanks for sharing,so I was thinking about the alignment problem,seems alignment is very popular in recently years(Or I just very limited knowledge for that issue),of course,the only way to figure out is get it align and see what happen,but it looks like professional stuff,I dont know if it is easy enough that anybody who work in a coffee shop can do this and he just need to follow the video