Particle Distribution Curves for Peak

Does anyone have Particle Distribution Curves for the Mahlkonig Peak grinder? Also would be great to see it in comparison to the EK43.

The guys at Socratic Coffee published this a while ago.

Thank you. Ya I saw that, however the EK43 curve in that graph is inconsistent with other graphs published, which makes me doubt the graph or makes it difficult to compare with other graphs. The reason for the inconsistency I believe, is that the Socratic folks used a sifting method, rather than a then typical particle size measurement machine… like the one used in the “Grinder” paper… or like the machines used my grinder manufacturers. The Socratic guys made an argument why (particles are not perfectly round)… which is the assumption the laser particle machine makes.

So… if sifting for espresso use a 350u or 400u screen?