Problems Contacting artisan smith about product defects

i bought some dosers from artisan smith but I received them scratched and slightly dented but still usable. These are expensive so I expected them to be perfect. I tried for months to email them for an exchange and I even tried their instagram but they won’t answer. They were quick enough to answer when I asked for prices though.

I assume you used your credit card which should have some sort of guareentee or insurance that your purchase was as expected based on the condition it was sent. Challenge or dispute the charge and I guarantee you will hear back from them.

i didn’t think about that actually but sadly the i bought this 2 months ago so the bill has already been settled i can’t dispute it anymore. thanks for the advice i will use it next time.

just ask the bank i can dispute the payment so i’m gonna do it tmr thx alot!!

Did you end up having any success with this?

Hey hi,

May I know did you follow up with Artisan Smith lastly? I am facing exactly the same problem with you now.

No I gave up not gonna buy from them ever again